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In today’s world, staying on top of demand is a constant concern. To help ease this burden, we created our own form of supplier relationship management software (SRM) to give your suppliers valuable insight into the products you’re in need of before you’re out. This type of foresight gives suppliers much needed time to plan ahead and helps diminish the chance of late supplies restricted by lead times.

Supplier Relationship Management Software Key Feature

Our supplier relationship management software also integrates with our business forecasting software and inventory planning software products to easily communicate in the system without any extra data import involved. This integration is natural and comes about when you generate a forecast in our business forecasting software. Your supply plan is then created in our Inventory planning software and utilized on the user-friendly dashboard our supplier management software.

The main purpose of our supplier relationship management software is to facilitate communication between managers and vendors. We’ve made it easy to view, update, and create detailed instructions and requests regarding the products and times/dates that they’ll be needed by. This sort of communication will optimize lead times and in so doing, boost the level of satisfaction for your customers.

With an accessible interface via web browser, Avercast’s supplier relationship management software is easy to use and access from any part of the world night and day. Our software is entirely customizable, meaning you can limit the system per vendor to only display information relative to them. The software will also show the forecast orders for their products and can plan ahead to meet you and your customers’ demands.

Any collaboration that takes place in our supplier management software is real-time. This allows you to have negotiations with your suppliers and minimize lead times as orders come up. With the use of roles and permissions, you are able to have the right people in contact, giving a specific username and password to every one of your vendors. This allows your vendors to access their own personalized dashboards on our supplier relationship management software so that they can see the activity of suppliers that pertain to them. Vendors are able to see unique forecasts of scheduled orders that show products, amounts, and times.

As mentioned earlier, real-time negotiations allow for potential exchanges, such as viewing a forecast for a price cut. Many of our customers have seen vendors offer this sort of discount so that they themselves are able to enhance their production and lead time. In summary, Avercast’s supplier relationship management software provides each vendor with a unique account that can be used to view information about projected orders specific to them, allowing those vendors to improve lead time and production through precise preparation. Also, as this all takes place in real-time, negotiations with vendors can be made that benefit your company in the form of price cuts and benefit your vendors in the form of enhanced foresight to meet demand. See a demo of Avercast’s supplier relationship management software today to increase your customer service and improve lead times!

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