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Skip the spreadsheets and enhance decision-making in business with accurate sales forecasting. Avercast’s Sales Forecasting software gives you the edge you need to stay ahead of the competition with accurate forecasting. Use 250+ advanced forecasting algorithms to forecast your sales for up to 5 years. Know how yoru customer expectations are changing and take steps to enhance your sales in due time. Avercast’s Sales Forecasting software allows your demand planners, inventory forecasters and sales professionals on the same page through real-time communication and coordination. Schedule a demo to know how the software can help your business.

Sales Forecastng

What is Sales Forecasting?

Sales Forecasting allows you to accurately predict sales for the coming periods and take a peek into how your future sales looks based on historical data, trend analysis, and more. Avercast’s Sales Forecasting software allows you to access your product performance, predict future sales, and make data-driven decisions to increase your sales.

Your sales team can make the most of the forecasts from the software to understand how your customer expectations are changing. They can even adjust the forecasts based on their experience and get rid of additional software interfaces. Our Sales Forecasting solution uses 250+ forecasting algorithms to provide you with the most accurate forecasts possible.


Reduces Cost of Inventory

The software allows users to stop investing in excessive inventory. Avoid stockout and overstock situations restricting users from under or overspending

Efficient Employee Governance

Once you start improving overall operations, the effectiveness of employees starts increasing, and users can manage employees and their operations easily

Purchase Planning

The software assists the user with purchase planning. It is practical and can help the user elude over or underspending.

Sales Planning

With a reliable sales forecast, you can plan sales accurately. Once users know the outcome, they can devise a scheme to meet the demand and go beyond

Monitor Performance

Using software enables multi-level performance tracking. Users can supervise actual sales and, when required, adjust to reach the sales target and beyond

Resource Planning

Various departments use the forecasting software differently. It allows users to plan and allocate resources across different departments and functional supply chains

Avercast’s Sales Forecasting Software

Creating precise sales forecasting is essential as it can work wonders for your business. However, one critical thing to focus on is efficient and effective sales forecasting software, and when it comes to efficiency, there is no one better than Avercast, a leading software that forecasts sales. Avercast provides an industry-leading Sales forecasting solution for businesses of all kinds. Our software uses 250+ complex algorithms to forecast sales for up to 5 years in the future. It is a user-friendly solution that can help businesses forecast sales with accuracy and enhance decision-making at every level. The software encourages involvement of sales professionals to improve accuracy.
They can monitor thousands of SKU or review customer reviews for each product to create summary report for each category. Demand managers can use the data from the software and compare it with actual sales to increase its accuracy over time.
Our sales forecasting software can be linked with other software in the suite to enhance collaboration, optimize inventory, improve margins, and increase revenue. Sales professionals can add their preferred forecasting methods in the software to forecast sales for new stores, regions, or other areas where history may not be available. We understand that every business is unique and so are their sales forecasting requirements, that’s why, our experts help customize the software as per individual business’s needs. With 40+ years of supply chain experience, Avercast is a leading software provider in the industry. We have helped business across industries in enhancing their business growth and ensuring higher profits. Our sales forecasting software can help you not only predict sales, but also enhance your business performance over time. Schedule a call with our experts to learn you can enhance your sales with our software.

Key Features

Accurate Sales Forecasting

With the help of 250+ forecasting algorithms, the software allows users to predict sales precisely. The forecasting also helps in inventory management

Avoid stockout & overstock

Using the Sales Forecasting software effectively results in better inventory optimization. Devise a plan to meet the sales target and never run out of stock or store too much

Effective budget planning

The software helps users with budgeting. It empowers the decision makers to see through every aspect and then plan budgets to meet the demands

Track Performances Against Decided Targets

It lets you import your actual sales data, enabling users to monitor their capabilities. The software allows users to compare their actual sales against decided targets

Fast and Intuitive Interface

Avercast’s Sales Forecasting software interface is fast, responsive, and easy to use. No dedicated training is required to operate and forecast your sales

Customize graphs and reports

By using the Sales Forecasting software, users can generate customized reports in pictorials like graphs, pie charts, etc. It makes understanding reports easy

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