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S&OP stands for Sales and Operations Planning. S&OP software is a powerful tool used by companies seeking to operate as efficiently as possible. With S&OP planning tools, different departments can find ways to work together more effectively. Some of the departments that are benefited from these tools are inventory, sales, and operations. With Avercast’s sales and operations planning software users can identify areas in their company that can be adjusted and become better. Avercast offers a complete forecasting software, and our S&OP software is used alongside our supply chain planning software.

Sales & Operations Planning

What is Sales & Operations Planning Software?

Make the most of your potential sales and reduce inventory waste using our top-notch Sales & operations planning software. The S&OP software establishes effective communication across the supply chain, which helps synchronize different teams and departments for one optimal goal.

The Sales and Operations Planning software helps you track forecast demand, plan for it, review your supply chain and then implement the course of action. It empowers businesses to keep track of all their operations.


Budget Comparison and Analysis

It allows users to compare the planned budget with the actual budget, enabling them to adjust and achieve more accurate forecasts within their budget

Sales Comparison

The software generates the forecasted sales based on the historical data, enabling users to compare actual & forecasted sales and make an informed decision

Lets Users Compare Operations

Using this software, the user can compare the executed operation viz-a-viz the planned operations. It reflects on the area which requires improvement.

Aids Collaboration Across Boards

The software promotes and allows various departmental collaborations, secured data sharing and enhanced decision-making.

Transparent and User-friendly

User controlled permissions, transparency at all hierarchical levels and enhanced collaboration across boards, make the software user friendly

Product lifecycle and its management

A clear understanding of a product's lifecycle helps you understand the shelf life, inventory, production, and more. The software aids users in comprehending and effectively managing the product lifecycle.

Why Avercast’s Sales and Operations Planning?

Sales and Operations Planning is a business management process required to drive the balance between supply and demand. It integrates opinions and input from the key departments of the business, like Marketing, Sales, Manufacturing, Finances, and Distribution, to make plans and decisions in order to meet the sales target. The primary purpose of S&OP is to get a holistic view of all the comprehensive business plans in progress and align every department to achieve the greater good (improved revenue). S&OP is part of both Strategic and Tactical planning of the business.
This is a systematic process that has the potential to increase your market share along with your finances. Hence zeroing down on world-class software should be of utmost importance. Software like Avercast has more than 250+ advanced forecasting algorithms to assist you with forecasting precisely. The concept and practice of S&OP are not new, but the cutting-edge technology and new POV have improved their worth. Earlier executives were tumbling upon spreadsheets to plan and execute. However, now with state-of-the-art software like Avercast, the background has changed.
Avercast is a leading Sales and Operations Planning software provider in the industry with 40+ years of supply chain experience. We helped many businesses across various sectors enhance their business growth and ensure higher profits. The successful implementation of software improves departmental collaboration, does demand and supply planning, and assists critical leaders in decision-making. S&OP provides a cushion to your decisions by implementing “What-If” scenarios. It lets you test your strategies by providing some real-world problems. It brings various teams across the supply chain together and enhances communication among them. You can exchange data and information effectively, eventually improving transparency and better planning. Schedule a call with an Avercast expert to learn how you can improve your sales and revenue with our software.

Key Features

Automates Planning & Untangles Operations Management

It helps users save some crucial time by automating the annual business planning and simplifying sales operations management

Makes Collaboration Easy

Using the S&OP software various departments can collaborate with each other. It enhances mutual working and enables higher growth.

Assists with Planning

The Sales & Operations Planning software helps businesses plan and make changes (if any) to meet the forecasted demands and goals.

Analyze all “What-ifs”

The software performs all the possible scenarios (what-ifs) to ensure that the final production schemes and plans will be delivered.

Make Custom Reports

It makes users' task of generating customs reports easy by using Microsoft SQL technology.

Summarizes Operations for Analysis

It helps users summarize operations like productions, sales, shipments, inventory, booking, production, and backlogs allowing high level analysis

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