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Sales And Operations Planning

S&OP stands for Sales and Operations Planning. S&OP software is a powerful tool used by companies seeking to operate as efficiently as possible. With S&OP planning tools, different departments can find ways to work together more effectively. Some of the departments that are benefited from these tools are inventory, sales, and operations.

With Avercast’s sales and operations planning software users can identify areas in their company that can be adjusted and become better. Avercast offers a complete forecasting software, and our S&OP software is used alongside our supply chain planning software.

Sales and Operations Planning Software Key Feature

  • Automated business planning
  • Simplified operations management
  • Collaboration management made possible
  • Planned and measured collaboration success
  • Anticipated needed changes
  • Assisted planning to meet goals
  • “What-if” analysis
  • Ensured production strategies
  • Custom reports – Microsoft SQL technology
  • Encouraged participation from different departments (inventory, planning, purchasing, marketing, operations, sales, etc)
  • Summarized operations across departments (bookings, sales, production, inventory, shipments, backlogs, etc)
  • High level analysis
  • Complete supply chain planning tool

S&OP software by Avercast has 3 side-by-side sections used for premium analysis. Inventory planning, sales planning, and operations planning are the sections covered. Users can compare departments and operations in this effective display.

S&OP Software Benefits

Budget Report

This tool allows users to make needed adjustments to their budget by comparing planned and actual budgets. Users budget much more accurately with the benefit of this budget report.

Sales Report

With this tool, users discover how effective their sales planning is by using this report to see the difference between their planning and actual sales.

Operations Report

This report shows users areas that could use some adjustments by deeply examining the operations of a company. With a clear perspective of how a company is currently functioning, users can make important decisions.

There are currently many businesses using Avercast’s supply chain planning tools. Our supply and operations planning software is a powerful tool that is sure to improve your company in many ways. Our tools create the most accurate system possible.

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