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The growth of retail businesses is driven by data. Avercast’s Retail Analysis software helps enhance business management through accurate forecasts and effective analytics. Using quantitative data, it generates qualitative forecasts to better understand your customer expectations over time. Go beyond data-analytics and support executive-level decision-making with accurate forecasting. Plan effective business strategies and make smart decisions based on data from your sales, inventory, and customers forecasts. Schedule a demo with our experts to learn how our Retail Analysis solution can help your business.

Retail Analysis

What is Retail Analysis?

Retail Analysis helps you take a look into your current performance and understand how your customers expectations are changing to help you make smarter business decisions. Along with accurate data analysis, Avercast’s Retail Analysis software uses business intelligence insights using data mining and data discovery. It helps businesses understand the customers that shop with them and those who don’t to get a better understanding of their customers’ experience and enhance it over time.

Businesses can enhance their demographics to identify their ideal customer through aspects like - age, preferences, buying patterns, locations, and more. They can leverage their sales analytics to get a better overview of how their customers’ wants are changing over time. Retail insights can help better predict customer behaviours, while sales data can be used to identify trends and make better business decisions.


It Offers Insights on Customer Behavior

The software offers actionable insight into customer behavior, like when customers buy more, what they prefer in which season, the demographics, etc.

Assists in Price Optimization

You can sketch a pattern of how your customers react when the price of the product fluctuates, and accordingly, you can optimize your cost.

Elevating Efficiencies of Business

Create a baseline depicting your performance, and then start improving using the software. It will help you enhance the efficiency of your business.

Discover Potential Business Opportunities

With the use of Retail Analysis software, users can find potential business opportunities like untapped customer groups, more inventory during peak season, etc.

Help in Retaining Customers

With insights across demographics, customer behavior, and purchase trends, users can efficiently work towards retaining customers

Take Logical Strategic Decision

Using retail analysis software helps you draw logical conclusions, eventually making practical and rational strategic decisions.

Avercast’s Retail Analysis Software

Avercast’s Retail Analysis software helps you make the most of your data and understand how to use to the best effect. You can use it to analyze demand history, manage thousands of point of sales at a single place, adjust analysis at any level, and more. You can use the data to enhance decision-making in regards of your business locations. You can analyze and decide which locations can be closed down, while plan new ones in areas that offer greater sales. You can also create and manage your contracts and monitor the spends for every location optimally.
Avercast’s software is easy-to-use and provides graphical representation for better understanding. The Retail Analytics solution is your one-stop solution to analyzing your customers behavior, and analyzing the data to create digital campaigns that guarantee success.
Besides understanding customers’ experience, you can use the data to compare business growth over the years and analyze growth, stagnation, or decrease in your key indicators. You can use custom filters to compare statistics better and make it relevant for each retailer. Add more value to your retail business and enhance business management with our Retail Analysis software. With 40+ years of supply chain experience, our experts can help you make the most of your data and enhance your revenue with accurate forecasting. To get a custom Retail Analysis software for your business and learn how it can help your business, schedule a call with us. The Retail Analysis software assists you in generating reports for customer behavior, current trends, which demographic is buying and how much, etc. The software is essential as it contributes to customer retention. Retail analysis software helps you make decisions about the allotment, stock.

Key Features

Analyze Your Demand History

The software empowers users to recap all the demand history. By doing so, retailers can anticipate and prepare for upcoming demands

Evaluate the Prediction Formulas

Prediction is crucial, especially when doing it accurately can help you take an edge over competitors. Using retail analysis software lets you evaluate the formulas used for prediction

Analysis Adjustment at any Level

Using software enables users to analyze and predict at any hierarchical level and monitor all the adjustments made at any level

Represent Information Graphically

Retail Analysis Software aids users in representing information graphically, which helps in understanding the data quickly and enhances work rate

Visualize Net-Worth for Single or Multiple Warehouses

With the help of software, users can anticipate and visualize the worth (net) of every warehouse. It can analyze the inventory it holds against the predicted demand.

Manages Point-of-sales in Seconds

The effective use of software enables users to keep track of all the POS. They can manage all their points of sales efficiently within seconds.

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