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Avercast’s feature-rich demand forecasting software is the most capable inventory forecasting software on the market. Over the past several decades, alongside several supply chain experts, our software development and data analytics teams have worked together to create 250+ unique forecasting algorithms. As an industry leader in demand planning and forecasting software, we’ve helped hundreds of high-level clients save millions of dollars in inventory expenses.

Demand Forecasting Software Key Feature

Each algorithm that our demand management software uses was developed by working hands-on with our customers to guarantee a satisfactory level of accuracy. Working with our customers not only guarantees the best sales forecasting software for their needs but has also led to a high level of customer retention and customer satisfaction. Our client success department is dedicated to maintaining satisfaction, producing client-driven demand forecasting software, and providing excellent training resources and assistance when necessary.

Not only are our sales forecasting tools state-of-the-art, but they are also simple and easy to use. Whether your company has thousands of SKUs or millions, Avercast’s inventory forecasting software makes hundreds of millions of calculations and then supplies you with a forecast in a matter of minutes.

Avercast’s inventory forecasting software utilizes each algorithm to looks for trends in to generate an accurate result for any type of historical data. You aren’t just limited to forecasting sales with, you can forecast any indicator of historical demand that has been tracked, such as order history, shipment history, and much more. Avercast’s revenue forecasting software also allows you to forecast by any metric important to your business such as profit, revenue, cost, inventory, etc. You are able to fine-tune your forecast even further by forecasting any combination of important metrics such as SKU, Customer, Size, Brand, Location, Color, and any other pre-defined category that you would like to measure and forecast.

Like many of the other best inventory management software solutions, Avercast allows you to generate a forecast for several upcoming periods. In our case, we allow you to create a forecast for as far out as 5 years. Not only have we incorporated several of the most well-known traditional forecasting algorithms, we have incorporated a significant number of customized algorithms that allow users the freedom to use industry expertise when wanted, but also follow the software’s suggestions in situations where that isn’t possible. This approach opens up Avercast to both those looking for a robust aid to their current solution while also providing a totally unique forecasting software experience to those looking for something less complex.

Avercast’s ABC Analysis tool takes your inventory management system one step further by providing a detailed analysis of your data in the form of prioritized product rankings. Our ABC calculator allows you to identify a determining factor such as margin, cost, price, etc. and then analyzes all of your specified products to rank them according to the metric you set. We then provide you with an in-depth report showing how each of your items and categories rank in the system. These products then receive a classification code that allows you to optimize your planning by filtering through items that may not be as productive as you would have thought, or vice versa. This approach just scratches the surface of what our ABC forecasting software tool can do, we’ll provide efficient training to for each one of our sales forecasting tools to help you use the software as soon as possible.

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