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Having trouble getting the right number of resources for the right level of production? Avercast capacity planning software is the solution! Using the information gathered from our industry leading business forecasting software and supply planning software, our capacity planning software is the next logical purchase in your search for a complete supply chain management software suite. Our rough-cut capacity planning software integrates directly with your ERP system and our other software modules to give you a look into your current demand, your future demand, and how your current number of resources is equipped to meet it.

Capacity Planning Software

Why Avercast’s Capacity Planning Software?

With a visual representation of your capacity, workforce, and demand in the form of graphs and charts, we make it easy to pull the information for both presentation and planning purposes. This allows any department to justify their increase or decrease in resource allocation in a simple way for management. Our system is also constantly updating to keep the information accurate and so you can always refer back to our capacity planning software when ready to act on a decision. You can also receive alerts in your Avercast dashboard that will notify you when an area is approaching max capacity, or another has far too many dedicated resources so that you can stay on top of your workflow and make decisions about contracts, lay-offs, onboarding, purchasing, planning, etc..


Analyze Better with "What-If" Scenarios

The software allows users to analyze all the what-if scenarios. These simulations assist users in being better prepared for any unexpected situations

Overall Improved ROI

Avercast's capacity planning helps users increase their productivity which results in enhanced revenue, and better revenue means improved ROI

Standalone or Integrate It

One of the crucial benefits of Avercast's Rough-cut Capacity Planning software is that users can use it separately or can integrate it with other Avercast products

Simplified Supply Chain

Keeping track of every function across the supply chain can be troublesome, and thus it increases inefficiencies. The capacity planning software reduces inefficiency by streamlining it

Make Most of Your Resources

The Rough-cut Capacity Planning software empowers users to stay on top of their resources. Have maximum visibility, and when required, add hire novel resources

Balance Your Production

The effective use of capacity planning software can assist users in maintaining a balance between forecasted demand and manufacturing constraints.

Capacity Planning Software - A solution for ideal Resource Management

Capacity planning software, also known as capacity management software or resource management software, is used to make sure you do not have an over-worked production floor that is constantly stressed about meeting the demand, nor an under-worked workforce that leaves a third of your employees getting paid for sitting around. Capacity planning software provides you with the value of having around the exact number of resources you will need to get the job done comfortably and efficiently in any given month. The more optimized your resources or capacities are, the more effective your production will be.
Avercast’s Rough-cut Capacity Planning software is a state-of-the-art software which helps you accurately plan your capacity. integrates with your ERP system and lets you analyze and monitor all your resources and demand throughout the year.
The Avercast’s Capacity planning software also integrates with the planning and forecasting module to show you a simplified picture of your demand compared to your resources. No software can predict the future with 100% accuracy. That is why Avercast capacity planning software allows you to create hypothetical scenarios and create multiple plans. Imagine this you are launching a new product around the holiday season in December. You can create a plan of what will happen if that product is extremely successful and see how many more resources you should allocate to that location. Similarly, a product launch in September and capacity planning tools and software will give you the precise number of human resources you need, amount of machinery or tools you will require and so on. Avercast has always been lauded by their users for its customer support and if you do not want to trust them, experience it yourself. Schedule a demo, talk with our experts and get clear view of your resources with Rough-cut Capacity Planning.

Key Features

Load and Capacity Analysis

Using capacity planning software, you can quickly analyze the load and capacity of planned production & current workload

Easy Custom Reports

With the help of Microsoft SQL technology, the rough-cut capacity planning software makes custom reporting easy. You can easily get reports according to your requirements

Identify & Eliminate Bottlenecks

The Rough-cut capacity planning software allows users to identify any hindrances or bottlenecks and eliminate them using proper techniques

Improve Your Inventory Planning

The effective use of the software empowers users to utilize batch rescheduling, which enhances inventory planning, and users can effectively meet the forecasted demand

Improve Decision Making with Powerful Simulation

Capacity planning software assists users in the betterment of decision-making by simulating scenarios. It prepares the user for the worst while they hope for the best

Highlights & Action Alerts

The software simplifies management by highlighting issues needing immediate attention. It is essential as rectifying it can cause more trouble without error identification.

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