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Avercast always believes in delivering customized solutions along with world-class services to clients. With more than 40 years of experience, 250+ modern-day advanced algorithms and teams of leading professionals have helped Avercast be at the forefront. Do not just fall for our words; the industry leaders and fast-growing startups all have praise for Avercast. Our continuous effort to meet excellence and self-evolving nature has empowered various businesses across the world to entrust us.

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"They used one sheet per brand... [and] we had to aggregate everything. We would pretty much use the historic numbers to try and project everything. Avercast allowed us to do more.”

Martin Toh

Executive Vice President of Operations
Table Product of Walker Edison

"One of the great things Avercast did [was give] us the opportunity to take as many SKUs as we wanted and give them historical data and run the forecast in the system and see what that output was.”

Josh Rocha

Supply Chain Manager
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"With Avercast we are able to combine both forecasting and supply planning and toggle between them easily. With the visibility gained from Avercast, our forecast accuracy has improved.”

Erica Davis

Director of Planning
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As part of a deal with General Motors, Cassidy is responsible for ensuring 50 GM plants weekly forecast data is automatically interfaced into Avercast to assist in executing their orders.

Cassidy Laudadio

Forecasting Specialist
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“First, the forecasting software has helped us tremendously. In addition, the visibility into our current inventory hold has helped us very much. Without Avercast I don’t know how I would find out how much inventory I have and what I am going to end at."

Nicolette Molina

Senior Supply-Chain Analyst.
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“[OOLY] was always out of stock, couldn’t deliver, and always ship backorders [where] customers had to wait forever to get their [orders].” “Within a year, we corrected our image in the marketplace. […] We were able to… optimize our [inventory turns].”

Matt Peters

VP of Operations
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Avercast crushes supply chain results for some of the world's largest enterprise brands and fastest growing startups.